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Brass Monkey

It was a sad day when the Two Ways closed down: Rab C Nesbitt’s old boozer had stood there on the corner of Argyle Street and Kent Road, unchanged since the good old days of Glasgow’s Miles Better, the Garden Festival and Creamola Foam.

The truth is though that Argyle Street and Dumbarton Road are on the rise. The old generation of pubs opened in the 70s and 80s are making way for the new. It’s as if the student influence of Glasgow University is spreading further afield. And it’s a good thing too, a lot of the older run down pubs are reappearing as modern fashionable drinking establishments free from the uninviting character of their older counterparts and free from the rowdy Saturday night in Gomorrah feel of Sauchiehall Street’s main drag.

The Two Way’s regeneration as Brass Monkey may leave you with the feeling that your favourite uncle has had a sex change, but in fact, they’ve done a very good job. It offers a good selection of beers and spirits in stylish contemporary surroundings and it fits in well with the bars around it. It’s like the barman of the two ways went into the Ben Nevis up the road and said ‘you know what, we should do this!’ 

I get the feeling the old Two Ways closed because it wasn’t attracting enough visitors, despite its ‘as seen on TV!’ appeal. I imagine though, that I’ll be visiting the Brass Monkey a lot more that I visited the Two Ways.

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