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Boteco do Brasil

Boteco do Brasil literally means ‘Brazilian Pub’, though in Brazil a boteco comes from a different tradition than the pub as we know it: it is more of an informal sit down spot, an unpolished place for cheap eating with friends and family – less of a public house and more of a corner shop with beer taps. A true community drinking space.

Boteco do Brasil might be a themed pub on the outskirts of Glasgow’s Merchant City, but it is still clearly inspired by its name. It’s a great blend of a laid back pub and a restaurant with a fantastically unique menu, including the Brazilian national dish – Feijoada. It is a traditional beef stew with black beans, pork ribs, smoked bacon, and smoked sausage served along with rice and chilli salad.

It’s got a great selection of beers on tap: Guinness, Fosters, Amstel, Heineken, Strongbow, as well as Mojito cocktails on tap. The bottles available are quite a varied take on the usual – Coors, Staropramen, Sagres, Hoegaarden and of course the Brazilian beer Brahma.

The place itself is split into two areas with the relaxed bar space up front containing the big screen TVs and space where the collection of quirky jazz bands play. Further towards the back is the quieter restaurant space with plenty of room leading to a deceptively high capacity.

It has a great vibe to it: a real samba feel and is a great place to go if you’re in the party mood. It has a large, well staffed bar. It’s that rare combination of a pub that manages to cater for all: it’s both great for football with the lads and for romantic dinner dates at the same time.

With great value food, such as their two courses for £5 lunch time special, or three for £9 tapas, open mic nights as well as their own Facebook page and regular podcasts, this is one pub with a genuine sense of community, a true boteco. 

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