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Avant Garde

I’ll admit that the area around the Trongate is not a place I go very often for a pint, but after a quick refreshment in the Scotia, eager to try someplace new, we were tempted by the gleaming all-glass frontage of Avant Garde.

Inside it’s a wide open space with a square island bar, raised restaurant area for the foodies, with small stage area for live music opposite. First thoughts were that it is so clean, crisp and fresh that it reminded me a bit of a hotel lobby. They’ve gone slightly over the top in trying to make it look new and modern. Despite that though it didn’t take long to grow on me: good food, nice balance between bar and restaurant, reasonable food prices and a fantastic beer selection on offer, including Belhaven Black and their very own micro-brewed lager. Along with good entertainment like live jazz on Saturday afternoons, followed by an evening ceilidh.

They clearly have a hardy band of faithful regulars, and you can’t argue that the décor isn’t fresh and contemporary. Its best feature though is the wall to ceiling glass on two sides. It’s very 21st century Glasgow: we might not have the climate for open air drinking or sidewalk cafes, but we do have other ways of bringing the outside world in. The overall effect offers great views of the tenement canyons on corner of Parnie Street and King Street. All in all a nice pub, definitely a worthwhile stop.

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