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The 78

A vegan bar which we found quite by accident, tucked away behind Dumbarton Road (I should say Argyle Street – the part of Argyle Street everyone thinks is Dumbarton Road, but old habits die hard.)

From the outside, my first impressions weren’t great. Obviously a modern attempt to look retro, a bit bohemian, a bit of a trendy attempt to appear run down, a bit of a continental cafe thing going on (great idea, wrong climate), but otherwise looks for all the world like a carbon-neutral vegetarian second-hand bookshop. And a vegan pub too – no doubt with a menu consisting of nutty dry oatcakes and quorny we-hate-meat-eaters imitation burgers. As we walked in through the main door curiously doubling as a fire exit, I braced myself for what would no doubt be a tiresome pint.

How wrong I was. In an instant I was in the Broon’s butt n ben, in the little highland cottage of my great granny I never met… with a bar. It was brilliant. I was sold. It’s a country pub the way a city lad thinks country pubs should be, but never are. It has a roaring fire in winter months, and obviously wide open and airy French windows in the summer.

It’s got a huge selection of beers and ales, and the menu – surprisingly varied and reasonably priced, some of it seemed tempting too, if you like that sort of thing. But it has the thing everyone really wants in pubs – keep your karaoke, your djs and your trendy fixture solutions from IKEA, The 78’s got real couches and real armchairs.

Yes, ok, on first impressions I thought it was a bit contrived, but there’s a fine line between trying too hard to pull off a look and effortlessly fitting into your groove, and the 78 is effortless. A great pub. Go there. 

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